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[26 Jan 2011|08:10pm]


I'm blogging here now these days.
Come say hello.
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July 31st, 2009. [05 Aug 2009|08:32am]

Shauna took these.
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[08 Jun 2009|12:42pm]

My weekend.
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Day 4! [07 May 2009|08:55am]

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Day 3! [06 May 2009|07:19am]

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Day 2! [05 May 2009|07:34am]

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Day 1! [04 May 2009|07:36am]

It's 'Roid Week, come play!
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[30 Apr 2009|09:30pm]
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[02 Apr 2009|06:45am]
lovely linsen.
little girl,

Lindsay is arriving today! We took these Polaroids back in September, when she came to visit last time. Did I really never post any of these?
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[30 Mar 2009|10:29pm]

A corner of my bedroom.

My 8x8 test print (of the Peter Iredale shipwreck) should be arriving tomorrow. If it turns out to my liking, I will most likely start selling prints on Etsy.
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[18 Mar 2009|08:53am]

I need more days like this.
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Date with the dead. [15 Mar 2009|11:09pm]

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Graveyard by the sea. [18 Jan 2009|11:23pm]
graveyard by the sea.
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Just because it’s dead, doesn’t mean it’s gone. [06 Jan 2009|02:46pm]

beam me up.
A voice wants to know why I wasn’t there
the day the doctors splayed you out on the operating table,

You who carried me like a bouquet of splinters in your belly,
who let me suckle ambrosia from your coveted breast.

A voice wants to know how I can seal my heart up
like the lid of a submarine. The truth is I don't know

what's in there, and if I open that valve too quickly
the pressure might break me, might rip my ventricles

at the seams. When I saw you outside the methadone clinic,
half your teeth gone, I had to turn, couldn't watch

the family tree being hacked into more firewood.
Yes, I want to crush and snort the knuckles

of the doctor who prescribed you the oblivion chiclets,
but you're the one playing Paul Bunyan, swinging

the pill bottle like a plastic ax, and my tongue
is not a lavender ambulance rushing toward you. I know

reality is a mosh pit that keeps spitting you out, that beauty
seeps from your face like sugar from a punctured sack.

I know death is on the staircase, but you were a ghost
all along, an apparition with a wineglass

floating through my childhood. I know you were born
in a Polish neighborhood with an aluminum spoon

in your mouth, that booze runs through us the way
politicians run through promises. I know about the more

in morphine, what it's like to wake and feel like a chalk
outline of yourself. I know about days passing

so quickly that they don't even wave, let alone stop
and say hello. I know it’s been one of those months,

one of those lifetimes, when you dream of a laundromat,
a place to unscrew your skull and toss your dirty

thoughts into a machine, come back an hour later,
your impulses all folded and clean. If I could, I'd have a scientist

shrink me down and inject me into your bloodstream,
and I'd go with a wash brush and suds bucket,

scrub the opium out each one of your cells. I used to think
I was tough because I could hold a machine gun

of whiskey to my cranium and take bullet after bullet
to the brain. I used to think the greatest display of strength

was lifting a hunk of metal in the air, but now I know
it's far more difficult to put something down.
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Every man I fall for drinks his coffee black. [04 Jan 2009|09:50pm]

There is a lot I could say, but I'll keep it all to myself.
I prefer it that way.
Some things are best left just for me, unspoken.
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[21 Dec 2008|08:26pm]
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My little elf. [17 Dec 2008|10:45pm]

Meet ShaunaCollapse )
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Rudy Fernandez is a dreamboat. [09 Dec 2008|10:53pm]
I went to the Blazers vs. Magic game tonight - they lost at the buzzer by a point, sad. BUT, I would just like to point out that Orlando's coach looks like a younger, less creepy Ron Jeremy:
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Barack & roll. [04 Nov 2008|06:59am]

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[04 Oct 2008|04:35pm]
I saw Michael Cera today at House of Vintage. He's as awkward in person as he is on screen.
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